Origin For Event 20230319-1

Preferred:Emblem favoriteMinimum Distance:0.43°
Time:2023-03-19 04:47:56.740Maximum Distance:1.45°
Time Error:Fixed Time:no
Time RMS:0.090 sFixed Location:no
Position23.8908°N, 34.5805°EFixed Depth:no
Number of Stations:60Fixed Phase:no
Number of Phases:6Analysis Type:Manual
Reference Elevation:0 kmLocation Method:
Depth:2.68 kmEvent Type:
Depth Error:2.78 kmAuthor:
Ellipse Major:Comment:
Ellipse Minor:Ocean:
Ellipse Strike:Nearest Place:45 km from Sīdī Aḩmad, Red Sea, Egypt
Azimuth Gap:229.00°Nearest Major Place:133 km NW of Shalateen